18 fun facts about Miss USA winner Deshauna Barber

18 fun facts about Miss USA winner Deshauna Barber
2016-06-07 18:50:36 UTC

From Merriam Webster online dictionary to otherwise credible news outlets to the usual suspects of pop culture drivel, comedian/host Steve Harvey got raked through the coals for an honest mistake he made with crowning the wrong person as 2015’s Miss Universe. Without the snafu, here's hoping Washington DC’s own Deshauna Barber gets that same amount of shine for being history in the making as the 2016 Miss USA winner and the first-ever military woman to win. 

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Here are 18 fun facts about Barber. And yes, Steve Harvey did congratulate the correct person on Twitter. 

1. The Columbus, Georgia native has lived in North Carolina, Nebraska, Minnesota, Virginia and Washington, DC.

2. Her business management degree is from Virginia State University. While there, she also pledged Sigma Gamma Rho.

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3. She is a Logistics Commander for the 988th Quartermaster Detachment Unit at Fort Meade, Maryland and a member of the U.S. Army.

4. The 26-year-old's favorite podcast is the DMV podcast.

5. Her goal as the winner is to shine a light on suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder among military members.

6. She comes from a military family, including her father who was deployed overseas to Iraq after the Sept. 11 attacks. She also has two siblings in the military.

7. She joined the military at the age of 17 via the ROTC program.

8. Her parents met while they were in the military. She was getting out of a Hummer in Georgia when he said "that's going to be my wife." Her father had served 24 years.

9. She can hula hoop with two hoops. (Note: Check out the Nubian Spin Troupe for more fun ways people are using hula hooping for fitness.)

10. She is a hockey fan, specifically the Washington Capitals.

11. To no one's surprise, “GI Jane” is her favorite movie.

12. She is a strong supporter of African-American history being included in American history lessons and had quite a memorable time in Washington DC’s African American Civil War Museum

13. Leslie Morton, a former Miss Texas USA, discovered Barber while she was shopping in Target. Unfortunately her coach Morton died a few years ago so she did not get to see Barber win the competition.

14. As may be the case with some tall girls growing up, she was picked on for her build. The five-foot-ten model had large feet, a small frame and long arms in school.

15. As an adult, she also experienced similar comments about her frame, including while she was in the military and others underestimated her strength for carrying weapons.

16. She's still holding out on who she'd vote for as the president. She points out that neither presidential candidates Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton "discuss our veterans and what they plan on doing about this backlog at the VA." Until then, she's undecided.

17. She's not a big fan of constantly putting heat on her hair. Instead she chooses flexi rods to perfect her look, along with a very necessary satin cap to sleep in at night.

18. She may stay in shape for both jobs, but she has a serious sweet tooth for Krispy Kreme donuts. 

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