From 'Twilight' to 'Suicide Squad': Interview with Alex Meraz

From 'Twilight' to 'Suicide Squad': Interview with Alex Meraz
2016-08-01 05:32:05 UTC

The days of the “Twilight” craze may have come and gone, but ask prior fans of Stephenie Meyer’s books or the movies whether they’re Team Jacob or Team Edward, and the answers will still come out with conviction. From 2008 to 2012, the “Twilight” cast was a big deal. Some have gone on to complete other projects, including Alex Meraz, who starred as the temperamental werewolf Paul from the Quilete tribe.

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Meraz’s latest projects include “Bone Tomahawk,” “The Bronx Bull,” and upcoming projects for “Tranzloco,” “Suicide Squad” and “Cry Now.”

Check out this Q&A group interview* below where Meraz discusses the movie, the acting business, hanging with Snoop and why heat packs matter. This interview was conducted during the Official Twilight Convention in Chicago.

Hobbies outside of acting: "I used to sell art at street fairs back in the day. There is a lot of Native American influence in my work. But I'll paint anything, even butterflies."

If you were a cookie, what kind would you be?: "I'd be an Oreo. It's all about the filling. Take that how you will."

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Preparing for the role in the Quilete tribe: "While preparing for the role, I wanted to represent the tribe in a good way. I wasn't worried about being sexy. I wanted to respect the tribe. The movie made me appreciate people from different cultures, all walks of life." (Editor’s note: Meraz is part of the Purépecha Indian tribe, also known as Tarascans.)

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Role he'd play if he wasn't Paul: "I'd be Laurent. He was kind of creepy but cool, and he had those dreads."(Editor’s note: Laurent was played by actor Edi Gathegi.)

His reaction to commercials from cast members: "I saw a commercial in a hotel where Jackson (Rathbone) was doing the ProActive commercial. Great acting showing his invisible pimple. I thought it was pretty funny."

Charities he supports: "Actually I do support a charity, They help protect endangered species."

Taylor Lautner in the nude: "I'll try to keep this PG-13. Taylor had to wear this man thong, but he's a trooper. It was freezing, and he'd be over in the corner curled up. But he stayed on set the whole time. We'd put these heat packets in our pockets. I think he got through the scene ..." (Meraz motions like he's putting a heat packet in his crotch area, and the audience bursts out laughing.)

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                                Taylor Lautner (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Photography/Wikimedia Commons)

Bloopers while filming: "I kept messing up one line I had in a scene because I was staring at Peter's (Facinelli) wig. As soon as they'd get to my line, I'd go "Huh? What?" I kept dropping the f-bomb missing my line."

Best actor to work with: "I don't have a favorite. They're all great. Rob (Pattinson) is getting more comfortable. Taylor (Lautner) is the most relaxed person ever. I don't remember Taylor ever missing his lines except once. He held his forehead and then he remembered them.

Being a father: "My son is two and a half years old. His name means ‘Beautiful One.’ We play this game where we diss each other. His ultimate insult right now is Poo Poo Planet."

Rivalry between "Twilight" and "Harry Potter": "I didn't know there was a real rivalry. I just thought of them as being two different things. The same fans may watch both. I'm just an actor. I can appreciate what they do, but it's two different things. Now 'Vampire Diaries' ..." (Audience laughs when Meraz folds his arms and makes a face.)

Possible cast member on "Dancing with the Stars": "Whoa, that got out, didn't it? For those that don't know, 'Dancing with the Stars' was interested in me being on one of the seasons. I was flattered. I was a professional dancer before I was an actor. Ballroom dancing is tough though. I'm kind of bowlegged. Time wouldn't permit me to be on the show though."

Wildest or most embarrassing comment from a fan: "I don't get embarrassed by them, but I just laugh. It looks like I'm embarrassed, but it's just me laughing. The sexual ones always make me laugh. I was in Atlantic City with Chaske (Spencer, the actor who played Sam Uley). Snoop Dogg was there, too. I'd just seen a guy get knocked out in a pizza costume, and I was trying not to laugh but laughing. Then, this girl waved me over. So I walk over to her and I'm assuming she wants to take a photo. So I'm looking around for a camera with my arm around her. Then she goes ‘Do you know why I like the Wolfpack?’ I go ‘No.’ She says, ‘Because I like it doggystyle.’ I didn't think anything could've topped the pizza guy getting knocked out, but that did.”

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                                                Wolf (not affiliated with film), (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Word of advice from his wife on staying grounded: "She hasn't given me any advice on staying grounded, but my wife has been the biggest support. When the movie came out, she was all about Rob. Team Edward. If I didn't get the role, I knew she'd still see the films."

Favorite music: "I like a lot of different music. I just bought Bruno Mars."

Dream role: "I'd love to do a role that incorporates Asian martian arts and action. Martial arts is in my background. But I'm not Japanese so that might be a problem."

* This post has been edited and republished from its original publication date on September 10, 2010. The interview was originally published on Shamontiel's Chicago News & Events Examiner column. Click here to read the longer interview, and to check out more of her celebrity and author interviews.

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