Get vegged out in Arizona's top-notch vegan restaurants

Get vegged out in Arizona's top-notch vegan restaurants
2016-06-15 15:10:44 UTC

Any vegan or vegetarian who is the sole animal friendly rep for the family has had this happen to them. Someone organizes a family restaurant outing where there’s little to no vegetarian options and goes, “There are probably veggie burgers there.” Yes, there probably are. But telling a vegan or vegetarian to get the same meal every time they dine with family makes as much sense as telling omnivore family members to go to vegan restaurants just to eat french fries. At some point, that’s going to get old.

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Now imagine that same group wants to go to the restaurant outing in another town. Same problem, new city. The easy way out is to just order Thai or Indian food, which almost always has an assortment of veggie options.

However, this travel series will scope out the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants around Anytown, USA.

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Next up: Arizona

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Fresh Mint: Located in Scottsdale, this vegetarian restaurant has a “Vietnamese spin” to add onto the already delicious menu. Salads, soups, rolls, kabobs and noodles come aplenty. But a highly recommended option is the Soy Fish in a Clay pot, which includes caramelized soy fish with garlic sauce, fresh pineapple, green onion, ginger and Thai chilies. Coming from someone who cannot stand pineapples and isn’t usually thrilled with caramelized prepared dishes, this was shockingly good. The lemonade is worth a sip, too.

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The restaurant is quaint, and there weren’t many people there on a weekday. Considering the visit was during a high school graduation, some may assume that maybe there would be more customers there than usual. Not really, but that just meant all the more time to relax, browse through a book and enjoy the meal. The only other downside is it’s in a mall parking lot so there’s not much of a window view outside of people watching.

Green New American Vegetarian: Initially ordering in this Tempe vegan restaurant may be a bit confusing. While there are tourists, quite a few seem to be regulars so they already know to check out the menu beforehand, order their items, take the number and find a table to sit in. The food is served to the table number, but customers who need refills or want to order more have to head back to the front.

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Once you get past the ordering process and salivate over the delights on the Green Menu, Tsoynami Menu and Nami Sunday Brunch, it’s time to eat.

 One of the biggest downsides about going from vegetarian to vegan is missing out on mouth-watering crab rangoon. Not to worry. The crab puffs, which include mock crab meat and vegan cream cheese, have that covered. The Singapore Orange bowl, full of vegetables, rice, tofu and an orange glaze, is outstanding.

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But it’s really the Tsoynami menu that will leave vegans wanting to stand up and give the creators an ovation. If crab rangoon wasn’t difficult enough to give up, letting go of guilty pleasures like s’mores and ice cream is even harder. But dessert items like Vegan Ts’mores are here to the rescue. The Vegan Ts’mores include organic graham crackers, organic chocolate and Ricemellow fluff, along with a housemade organic soy based, “tsoft tserve ice cream.”

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Whether vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, all of the dishes above are highly recommended during your next Arizona trip. 

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