Gunslinger, deejay with no limits: What’s up with Idris Elba?

Gunslinger, deejay with no limits: What’s up with Idris Elba?
2016-06-22 06:03:16 UTC

Considering he's cooler than James Bond but funny enough to make faces and do silly dance moves, it’s hard not to like Idris Elba. Women make “mmph” noises at his pics. Fellas respect his acting background. And he manages to (usually) avoid gossip and print tabloid fodder. As a deejay, an actor and apparently a glutton for action punishment, check out what Elba has going on these days.

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Independence Day: Looking for a little action over the upcoming Fourth of July weekend without actually going outside for the fireworks, BBQs and crowds? Elba’s 2015 four-part special “Idris Elba: No Limits” will be re-airing on the Discovery Channel at 6 p.m. CDT.

According to the official site, the rundown will be:
Episode 1, Rally Driving
Episode 2, Aerobatics
Episode 3, Drag Racing
Episode 4, Land Speed

In addition to these challenges, he’ll also have to battle “bad weather, claustrophobia, a fear of heights, potholes and multiple technical problems.”

Stephen King: Scary (or exciting) as the auto drama may sound, hardcore fans are counting down the moment until his next big project releases: the 2017 theatrical release of best-selling author Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower.” Elba will play the role of Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain.

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“The Dark Tower series tells the story of Roland Deschain, Mid-World’s last gunslinger, who is traveling southeast across Mid-World’s post-apocalyptic landscape, searching for the powerful but elusive magical edifice known as The Dark Tower.”  -- Stephen King’s official site

The author officially spread the news about Elba’s new role back in March, but for those who challenged the original look of the character, who is blue-eyed and white, King had something to say about that, too:

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Another actor who needs no introduction is Matthew McConaughey, who will co-star in the film playing the role of the Man in Black. The film is scheduled to release on Feb. 17.

“Luther” soundtrack: Anthony Horowitz certainly isn’t as open-minded as King though. The “James Bond” creator took plenty of flack for his offensive comments in reference to Elba being “too street” to play Bond in film no matter how many people were supportive of the idea.

Regardless of which side of the coin other moviegoers are on, Elba has been as phenomenal as a cop (“Luther”) as he has a disastrous limo driver (“Daddy’s Little Girls”), a hard-to-impress boss (“The Office”), the iconic humanitarian Nelson Mandela (“Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”) and a struggling saxophonist (“This Christmas”). Even in his notorious role as Stringer Bell on “The Wire,” his character had a tough time trying to comprehend the idea of not going corporate in what was obviously a street business.

While acting is what he’s most well-known for (in the U.S. anyway), Elba continues to balance the world of deejaying with acting. Those lucky enough to have caught all four seasons of the British hit TV show “Luther,” where Elba plays a disgruntled police officer who constantly struggles with his own good-cop-bad-cop personality, may already know about “Murdah Loves John,” the album based on his character John Luther.

 “We wanted to make a version of Luther musically and capture the soundscapes and industrialness of the show onto an album,” Elba said via his official site.

The album released to the public in December 2015 and is available on iTunes and Spotify.

“Luther” fans who want to see another season may or may not. Elba told The Hollywood Reporter that Luther has “got to come back” but didn’t promise anything outside of saying there’s been “some thought” about what to do next with the character. Until those thoughts become a new season, Netflix and Elba, it is.

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