Maui Hawaii makes vegan, vegetarian cuisine easy to come by

Maui Hawaii makes vegan, vegetarian cuisine easy to come by
2016-06-09 19:09:13 UTC

Step foot in a luau, and vegetarians and vegans may be a little flustered. Maui luaus are beautiful, but the first thing a vegan visitor will zoom in on is the Kalua pig rotated in circles, buried in a pit or laying on a table (face still attached) with an apple in its mouth.

The sight of the animal can spoil the mood for animal friendly travelers. However, there are other food options for vegetarians and vegans while traveling around in Maui.

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Whole Foods Market: This store can be a lifesaver for consumers traveling near the Kahului Airport. There are several hotels and motels, including Maui Seaside Hotel, near Maui Mall where the grocery store is located. Regular shoppers already know Whole Foods is a great go-to location for fruits, vegetables, vegan and organic items. Make sure your hotel room has a refrigerator if you stock up on groceries. Because so many items are sold fresh and can sit at room temperature, a microwave is optional. Choosing grocery items (or not skipping out on restaurant leftovers) can also help with travel restaurant expenses and lower the cost of room service.

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Asian food restaurants: Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other styles of Asian food restaurants are notorious for providing vegan menu options. One recommended location is Thailand Cuisine II near Maui Mall.

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Food court options: You're already in the malls to find souvenir items. Check out the food court area in malls like Queen Ka'ahumanu Center. They have Asian food restaurants, such as Ramen Ya. One of their Mexican restaurants, Maui Tacos, has an entire vegetarian favorite section.

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Lahaina restaurants: For a $2 all-day bus ride, Maui travelers can hang out in the surplus of art, clothing and cultural shops in Lahaina. For those who want to go to a restaurant they're familiar with, try the popular Hard Rock Cafe. The mashed potatoes are mouth watering and the Veggie Leggie burger is pretty good, too. Vegans may need to inquire about whether butter, cheese or milk are included in any items though. 

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Luau fruit options: Don't let the pig spoil the entire experience for you. Learning about how King Kamehameha II ended the separation of men and women eating apart in the 1800s is fascinating. Top it off with traditional Hawaiian music and a dance hula performance. According to, other meal items at luaus include poi (Polynesian food made from the corm of the taro plant), haupia (Hawaiian dessert made of coconuts) and whole coconuts to snack on. also includes sweet potatoes and bananas as common foods at luaus. 

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If you just want to see the entertainment, Queen Ka'ahumanu Center also has free hula shows every Monday without the food. But you're already in a mall so there's bound to be places to eat before, during and after the performance. 


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