Top 9 highlights from VH1's 2016 'Hip Hop Honors'

Top 9 highlights from VH1's 2016 'Hip Hop Honors'
2016-07-13 18:05:44 UTC

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A whole lot of hip-hop history was covered on VH1 "Hip Hop Honors" on Monday, July 11. Barbz can't deny predecessor Lil Kim's influence on newer artists, Junior Mafia fans growled at Rich Homie Quan forgetting his tribute lyrics and newly married Ciara fans were bummed to not see her be part of the Missy Elliott tribute. However, there were plenty of positive moments at the "Hip Hop Honors." Check some out below. 

Happy belated birthday to Lil Kim, too.

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1. Teyana Taylor embodied Lil' Kim to the point where the Queen Bee didn't even need to perform onstage. From the wigs to outfits to that infamous squat, Taylor did her thing. 

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2. Fellow emcee (and icon) MC Lyte has been the voice introducing awards shows so often that it may have initially seemed strange to find out Eve would host this time around. No worries. (MC Lyte was an honoree of the 2006 "Hip Hop Honors.") Eve not only did a great job hosting the show, but she also performed tribute songs for both Salt n' Pepa ("Shoop") and Missy Elliott ("Hot Boyz"). 

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3. To no one's surprise, an always animated Keke Palmer delivered a worthy tribute to Salt n' Pepa. As a singer, dancer and actor, Palmer fans already knew how well she did playing Chilli of TLC. Turns out she can represent for one-third of another music trio, too. She performed the routine with Dreezy. 

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4. From ciphers to live performances, Lil Mama will always deliver when it comes to rhyming and performing. She was another tribute performer, along with Dej Lofa, to pay homage to Lil Kim. That high kick was yet another reason to stay out of her way. 

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5. Even Queen Latifah was thrown off by (arguably) everybody's favorite "Golden Girl" rapping "Who you callin' a b***h?" and other lyrics from "U.N.I.T.Y." That skit was a fierce competitor to Betty White's Cam Newton-inspired dab pose during last year's Super Bowl. 

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6. Phylicia Rashad is one of America's top-five favorite moms, and judging from the raining compliments of tweets about her grace, haircut and her beauty, it's pretty easy to figure out why. Rashad appeared onstage for the second part of the tribute to Queen Latifah, which also included another mom-favorite: FLOTUS Michelle Obama via video. 

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7. Ashanti needed no help as both a singer and rapper during her Salt n' Pepa tribute for "Whatta Man." As usual, she always confirms how well that gym membership is working out for her. And she slays. 

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8. If ever there was a hip-hop moment that showed the power of forgiveness, it was Biggie Smalls' former wife Faith Evans introducing Lil Kim. Fans of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" already know how well she manages to be ratchet free while randomly popping up on the show. In person, she's still just as ladylike. Evans joked about her and Kim's own past run-ins, but both got their grown woman on and are clearly on good terms. 

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9. Generation Y sometimes seems oblivious to so many hip-hop artists before them. While it may also happen in other genres, by hip-hop being so young, it's especially important to know who kicked the door down for newer artists. The poster behind Queen Latifah is an admirable reminder of some of those artists. It's fitting that she performed "U.N.I.T.Y." while the poster was displayed. 

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